Young Adult Fiction

Positive, uplifting books and stories.

The Blood Mage

On his sixteenth birthday, Tom triggered strange new magical abilities. When his sister is kidnapped, he discovers he was the intended target. A community of magical villains is after him because he may be the Last Blood Mage. Will Tom embrace his new destiny? 

What Happens Next? - Readers Decide Which Story Becomes a Book

Children's Books

The Fairy Grandmother series features the adorable Millie and her fairy grandmother. Follow Millie on all her adventures!


The Evers Series features Lola Evers as she finds out she is a Traveler who can travel anywhere with a magic key. She later discovers they can also Time Travel and take Portals to other worlds.


Clarity Castle follows Claire Knox as she discovers a strange castle in the woods near her home filled with thousands of alternate versions of herself.


What Happens Next features twelve short stories in four genres: steampunk, paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi. Vote for your favourite!