Young Adult Speculative Fiction

Exciting and Unforgettable Adventures

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The Journey Begins: 
Four Teens
Three Paths
One Destiny

The Evers Series

It starts with a Magic Key that can open a Door to anywhere!

The Blood Magick Trilogy

The Blood Magick Trilogy features Tom,  a Traveler, who triggered strange new magical abilities on his sixteenth birthday. When his sister is kidnapped, he discovers he was the intended target. A community of magical villains is after him because he may be the last Blood Mage. Will Tom embrace his new destiny?

Standalone Books

Mind-bending  Multiverse
Magical Realism

12 Stories
Readers Decide
Which Becomes a Book!

Stories to Keep you up at Night!
4 Creepy YA Short Stories

Reading Journals

Keep track of your books and your TBR with these gorgeous reading journals!

Holiday Shifters

These YA Holiday Romance stories follow Kayla, a teen living London, and Connor,  a reindeer shifter,  as they fall in love.

The Fairy Grandmother Series

Every Saturday, Millie spends the day at her grandmother's house. There are no toys and no TV, but it's still the best part of her weekend. You see, Grandma is actually a fairy! With a twirl of her magic spoon, she sends Millie on exciting journeys to magical faraway places.