Blood Legacy launches on June 20!

Here are the deals going on to celebrate and entice new readers to read it!

The Blood Mage Reduced to 0.99

Blood Magick FREE on Amazon June 17, 18, 19

Blood Legacy Pre-order for 2.99 until June 20

The Blood Magick Trilogy features Tom, a Traveler, who discovers strange new magical abilities on his sixteenth birthday. When his sister is kidnapped, he becomes increasingly suspicious that he was the intended target - confirmed when a group of evil villains comes after him because he may be the last Blood Mage. Will Tom embrace his new destiny and embark on a battle for Good?

Blood Legacy

Will Tom finally conquer Blood Magick?

In the final volume of the Blood Magick Trilogy, the last Blood Mage unravels The Master’s unspeakably evil plan, joins forces with an unlikely ally, and witnesses the bravest act of personal sacrifice in the history of the magical world. 

Join Tom in this epic finale as he battles forces of dark magic in a quest for Good. 

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